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ATS Aurora 8000 Turbocharger (not application-specific)

Aurora 8000 Turbocharger (not application-specific)

(95mm Inducer) 1.15A/R, 5" exhaust/downpipe outlet, Undivided T-6 footprint. 3" Hose Compressor Discharge Outlet. 5" Compressor Inlet. (160 lbs/min 1600 HP??)

This is one of the biggest turbos on the market, capable of enormous amounts of power and can easily flow the necessary air to feed 100% over injectors, twin CP3s, and huge tunes. The same turbo can be seen on the ATS Hazmax, which is running this turbo to 1087 HP. Generally, this would be found as the atmosphere (Large/Bottom) turbo on a compound setup.

Part# 202-801-4248

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