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Holset HX35W Turbo Blanket – Lava

Specifically designed to fit the HX35W turbocharger found on OEM 96-98 DODGE RAM trucks with the 6BT 5.9 MANUAL 12V.  The blanket efficiently covers the turbine housing while giving the wastegate arm assembly full range of motion.


This blanket is designed to fit the OEM and similar aftermarket HX35 turbochargers.


Our Lava line of blankets are different from our other turbo blankets in that they feature an outer jacketing that is made from an extremely heavy duty and high quality pulverized lava rock fiber instead of silica impregnated fiber.  This lava material is actually different than what any other turbo blanket manufacturer uses in that it features an aluminum bonded layer on the inside of the blanket to further reflect the small amount of radiant heat which makes it through the ceramic layer.  With this combination of materials we have seen up to 90% efficiency out of a Lava blanket on certain applications.


Due to the durability and extremely high heat rating  (3000°F) of the Lava material; this blanket is ideal for applications where there is top mount turbo manifold or or heat sources which could come in contact with the outside of the blanket.


Since vibration on a turbocharger is inevitable we have created a more durable design.  Our turbo blankets feature a knitted wire mesh inner layer that separates the insulation material from the turbocharger housing, greatly increasing durability and reducing breakdown.


Installing a Thermal Zero Lava Turbo blanket will cut down up to 90% of direct heat emitted from your turbocharger.  In turn this will allow the turbo to spool faster and be more efficient.


Not sure if this blanket will fit your turbo.  Check the known good fit turbo models below or measure your turbo and check the measurement picture above to verify it will be a good fit.


Suggested Turbocharger Models:
Holset Hx35W353937335393743802994HX35W-L8274M/E12BC11

3597960, 3597961, 3598700, 3598701, 3598834, 3598835, 3598836, 3598837, 3598838, 3598886, 3598887, 4033368, 4035446, 4035447, 4035812, 4042199, 4045403, 4045428, 4038356, 4038384

All Thermal Zero blankets are hand made here in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

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