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T3 Turbo Discharge Flange Custom 3 In Downpipe Adapter Kit

Kit includes:

  • 5 Bolt T3 Turbo Discharge Flange with 7/8" hole (1/2" thick) Part number: 1446
    This does NOT work on an HX35 turbo.

>A 7/8" I.D. secondary hole is partially machined out (3/8" deep to allow for divorced ports.
>This flange is designed to work with our unique transition adapter flange (Part #1447) to simplify fabrication of custom 3" O.D. Downpipes.
>1/2" thick Stainless Steel construction prevents warping due to high heat.

  • Turbo Discharge (Downpipe) Eccentric Adapter Flange for Part #1446, Part number: 1447

>This adapter flange makes it easy to fabricate custom 3" downpipes for T3 turbos with 5-Bolt discharge.
>Flange outlet features two machined lips to allow for easy welding of either 3" O.D. Tubing or a 3" O.D. Schedule 10 Elbow (Nominal 2.5")
>Flange inlet features unique offset which allows the flange to be rotated for optimum clearance of potential engine bay obstructions.

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