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HX35/HX40/S300 Turbo Compressor 90° Air Transfer Tube Elbow

This outlet elbow will fit on HX35 & HX40 and some S300 turbos that have a v-band compressor outlet flange.

One end clamps on with a v-band style clamp, but ONLY includes the elbow, the other end allows for connection to a 3 inch intercooler hose.

This elbow WILL bolt up to an H1C, but it features a 3 inch intercooler hose connection, so keep this in mind when setting up your plumbing.

Features a 1/8 npt pipe plug port that is NOT plugged, you will need to source a plug for it.

Does NOT come with any clamps. Tube ONLY

NOTE: This is a true 90 degree elbow. Please double check your truck is a true 90° elbow. If not, you may need this elbow, CLICK HERE.

Cummins: 3918685

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