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TS Performance Shift Master 04.5-07 Dodge 48RE Shift Enhancer

TS Performance Shift Master 04.5-07 Dodge 48RE Shift Enhancer




Your Dodge Cummins powered Ram sees lots of heavy-duty use and its’ transmission gets the brunt of it. This is evident when your transmission hunts for a gear, shifts too early or flares under towing conditions. These conditions can severely damage your transmission so TS Performance engineered the  Shift Master plug-and-play control unit. The Shift Master, overrides the vehicle’s computer control and allows you to select between one of three shift settings from a dash mounted switch.

The Shift Master allows for optimum shifting under towing, performance and economy conditions and eliminates lost performance and potential damage due to improper shifting. The Shift Master is engineered for all 2005-’07 Dodge diesel trucks and installs in minutes.
TS Performance puts their diesel racing expertise and experience into all of their products to provide the best in performance and reliability.
  • The SHIFT MASTER offers plug and Play technology for 2004.5 - 2007 Dodge Diesel trucks
  • The SHIFT MASTER offers three settings that help with early shifting, flaring and gear hunting
  • The improved shifting performance adds longevity to your Dodge diesel transmission!
  • In Cab adjustable
  • Easy Installation
For 04.5-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Diesels only.


Please read and understand the installation instructions before purchasing.. TS advertises this item as PLUG & PLAY.. which is not quite accurate. CLICK HERE

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