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South Bend G56 425HP HD Single Disk Clutch Kit w/Flywheel & Hydraulics

This is South Bend's heavy duty design of their 13" clutch kit with a 3" wide premium Organic lining for your 2005.5-2018 Dodge Cummins with G56 Transmission. Perfect for moderate tuning and heavy towing while maintaining smooth engagement. Hydraulic upgrade included. Fits G56 6-speed transmissions.


  • Smooth Engagement
  • 3" Wide Organic Lining 
  • Hydraulics Included
  • Supports 425HP & 900 Ft. lbs.

New HD series clutch disc features a 13" double wide, high torque clutch facings with a heavy duty 6 spring dampening system.

The pressure plate is straight from their street series dual disc clutch with the extra wide casting and heavy duty design.

This clutch is designed for the moderately increased horsepower trucks 425hp and 900 ft/lbs of torque. It offers a very smooth engagement with light petal effort. The perfect towing clutch.

Part Number: G56-OK-HD

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