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Manual Transmission

Dodge Manual transmissions

Pure Diesel Power would like to welcome you to shop our  selection of high performance clutches for the Dodge Ram 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins diesel. We offer top brands such as South Bend Clutch, Haisley Machine (HMR) & Valair clutch. 

Additionally, we offer replacement parts and upgraded internals for the Getrag 5 speed, NV4500 5 Speed, NV5600 6 Speed, & G56 6 Speed manual transmissions.

89-93 diesel trucks were factory equipped with the Getrag G360 5 speed
94-04 diesels, if equipped with a 5 speed, had the NV4500 transmission.
99-05 diesels, if equipped with a 6 speed, had the NV5600 transmission. Some of the 99 and 2000 NV5600 were behind standard hp output Cummins, so they had a 1.25 inch input shaft. They require a different clutch. 
2005.5+ diesels are equipped with the G56 6 speed transmission. Reverse is down and to the left.