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93-95 Dodge 47RH RevMax Towing/HD Valve Body

93-95 Dodge 47RH RevMax Towing/HD Valve Body
93-95 Dodge 47RH RevMax Towing/HD Valve Body

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  • Part Number: 478-403
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47RH Towing/HD Valve Body 1993-1995

  Are you having transmission valve body issues or just looking to upgrade your valve body? Well, you have come to the right place! RevMax is the industry leader in high-performance diesel transmission valve bodies. There are a lot of other competitors out there offering valve bodies and sometimes it may seem hard to differentiate what’s what and why theirs may be a little bit more expensive than some, but there are a lot of reasons.

  RevMax has been offering high-quality computer dyno tested valve bodies for almost a decade. All of their technicians have undergone extensive training and are the best in the industry. Unlike their competitors, they do not do any reaming or valve oversizing by hand. Each and every valve body they rebuild is machined on their state of the art Haas CNC milling machines, just like the factory did when they made the valve body originally. These CNC machines cost over $100k each! By the use of these machines, they eliminate human error that is very common when valve bodies are machined by hand. The precise alignment of the reamer to the bore is nearly impossible to get perfect by hand and this is where their CNC machines thrive. They use a Renishaw probe to dial in each valve body to the reamer prior to the valve being cut. This allows us to be within .0005” within the original centerline of the bore. Hand reaming is lucky to keep .002” tolerances. Being off by just .001” can cause valves to stick and sideload and ultimately lead to complete transmission failure.

  Each RevMax valve body has a predetermined protocol that is followed for each valve body type. This protocol ensures that the customer gets the highest quality product each and every time. They do not just go thru and replace what is bad on each specific valve body, instead, a standard protocol is followed that replaces all known failure prone parts, even if they are still in good working order. In addition, they then check over the entire valve body to make sure that non-problematic areas are in good working order and if not, they repair these areas as well.

  RevMax has proprietary technology and workflow processes that make their product superior to the competition. They also have the industries best testing equipment. To start, they vacuum leak test each and every valve body after cleaning. Finally, each valve body is dyno tested on one of their fully computerized valve body dyno machines. The results are compared with a brand new valve body and the data is then stored and available to be viewed by the customer if requested.

Their 47RH, 47RE, 48RE diesel performance valve bodies feature the following:

Full line pressure in all forward gears. Unlike their competition that only gets full line pressure in overdrive or lockup, their valve bodies have maximum line pressure in all gears.

  • 2nd gear lockup capability
  • 4-3 downshift with converter locked (must be ordered with this feature)
  • 3-2 downshift with converter locked (must be ordered with this feature)
  • Up to 225PSI max line pressure
  • Perfect For Modified or Stock Engines
  • Increased Transmission Durability
  • Lower Transmission Temperatures
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Increased Torque Converter Lockup Apply Pressure
  • Modified Fluid Passages
  • Orifice Diameters Changed
  • Custom High-Performance Shift Valves
  • Custom High-Performance Spring Assemblies
  • Shortened Shift Time
  • Crisp Shifts, Not Neck Snapping
  • Complete Disassembly
  • Proprietary cleaning process removes all metal and clutch particles by using an automated valve body wash machine.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of sensitive valve body parts
  • Revmax proprietary upgrades
  • Hand assembled in Charlotte, NC by Qualified and Caring Professionals!!
  • Mounting Surface Verified and Flat Filed
  • Threads Checked and Repaired if Needed
  • Computerized testing on their state of the art $125k valve body test machines

Valve body does not include electronics.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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