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07.5-18 Dodge 6.7L Cummins 68RFE BD Stage 3 Performance Rebuild Kit

Build-It Trans Kit - Dodge 2007.5-2016 68RFE Stage 3 Performance Kit

  • Same parts used in our own performance transmissions
  • All kits include the basic rebuild parts and gaskets
  • 2nd Clutch Friction Raybestos
  • 2nd Clutch Steel
  • 4th Clutch Friction Raybestos
  • 4th Clutch Steel
  • Filter - Spin On
  • O/D 3rd Gear Friction Raybestos
  • O/D 3rd Gear Steel
  • One-Way Clutch HD Upgrade
  • BD Pressure Plate - Lower Machined
  • BD Pressure Plate - Rev Machined
  • Pump Cover
  • Valve Body Accumulator Plate
  • Reverse Clutch Friction Raybestos
  • Reverse Friction
  • Reverse Steel
  • Filter
  • Low Reverse Steel
  • Overhaul Kit


  • Recommend Option - BD Heavy Duty Transmission Pan
  • Tuner or module is required to increase transmission pump pressures.
  • 2010-2011 model years could have either an early or late model 68RFE transmission which there are two methods of indicating which model you are working on: Primary Indicator: Two letter suffix of transmission number on label (or peened) on side of case or also found below the main connector on the drivers side: AA / AB / AC / AD - Early Model - AE / AF / AG - Late Model. Alternative Indicator: If valve body is dissembled, the number of check balls will direct you to the correct application: 7 Check Balls - Early Model - 5 Check Balls - Late Model

BD Performance part number: 1062023 (1062023-L,1062023-E No longer needed)

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