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PML Dodge 727/47RE/48RE 2 Quart Increase Transmisssion Pan

The PML transmission pans are manufactured from aircraft quality sand cast aluminum.
The casting is manufactured with a 0.160 inch wall, and 0.350 inch thick gasket surfaces.
The gasket surfaces are precision CNC machined to eliminate any possibility of leaks. The gasket surface is designed to use either the re-useable OEM gasket or high temperature RTV (silicone).
Plus, if you need to service any part of your transmission and damage the "molded in shape" 0 ring that some manufacturers use in place of a gasket you will not be able to buy a replacement locally and will have to wait for parts delivery to complete the transmission service.
The design of the casting increases the rigidity of your transmission case as well as provides a boss to locate your transmission temperature gauge sender.  This pan does not include a port for the transmission temperature sender.  PML has a thicker spot in the casting for a spot to drill and tap for the transmission temperature sender.

If you haven't added a temperature gauge, please check the gauge selection area of our site.
You might also notice that the pans are NOT powder coated! You are buying a high capacity pan to lower fluid temps and prolong the life of your transmission, powder coating is an excellent insulater, it holds the heat in the pan!
Increased lubricant capacity can also hinder the transmissions ability to cool the fluid. Too much increased fluid capacity will ONLY keep your transmission fluid cooler upon initial start up. Once all the fluid is up to the same operating temperature the transmissions ability to cool the excess fluid will actually over tax the pump and the coolers capacity to exchange fluid heat to the air. The pump and cooler is designed to flow "X" fluid efficiently, if you exceed the pumps capacity you will increase temps and waste fluids at maintenance intervals.

Every PML pan is supplied with all the necessary socket head cap screw fasteners and a magnetic drain plug, instructions for installation and technical number for any questions you might have.

Does not come pre-tapped for a temperature sender, though there a location to do so on the pan itself.  


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