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Dodge ATS Auxiliary Transmission Cooler kit W/ 1/2 In Lines

Auxiliary Transmission Cooler Kit, 1/2 Inch Lines.

External transmission cooling systems will help to keep your transmission running at optimal temperatures. Cooler flow is a key factor in keeping temperatures in check. Heat in a transmission can cause more damage than any other factor, especially when towing or putting heavy loads on your transmission.



  • - High Flowing Oil Cooler
  • - Thermostatically Controlled Electric Fan Attached
  • - All Lines and Fittings Included for 1/2 Inch Transmission Cooler Lines
  • - Thermostat Kit
  • - Mounting Bracket


External Transmission Cooling Features:

  • Keeps transmission running at optimal temperatures
  • Provids maximum cooling
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Fan-forced with reversible rotation



Part Number: 3109002000

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