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99-19 Dodge/Chrysler "RFE" Transmissions Transgo Overdrive Pressure Plate

Fits: 1999-2019 Dodge/Chrysler  "RFE" Transmissions (45RFE/545RFE/65RFE/68RFE)

This TransGo RFE-PP-ODHP Overdrive Pressure Plate protects the clutch from overdrive and failing in your 1999-2019 Dodge/Chrysler "RFE" Transmissions (45RFE/545RFE/65RFE/68RFE). The factory overdrive clutch capacity is inadequate with stock power ratings, making the overdrive clutch the weak link of transmission. Increased horsepower and torque, and the slightest deficiency in the transmission pressure control system can cause the overdrive clutch to fail. 


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