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99-18 Dodge/Chrysler "RFE" Transmissions Transgo Solenoid Switch Valve Repair Kit (With Tools)

Fits: 1999-2018 Dodge/Chrysler "RFE" Transmissions (45RFE/545/65RFE/66RFE/68RFE) (.453 Diameter)

This TransGo RFE-SV453-WT Solenoid Switch Valve Repair Kit With Tools prevents sticking in your 1999-2018 Dodge/Chrysler "RFE" Transmissions (45RFE/545/65RFE/66RFE/68RFE) (.453 Diameter). This valve repair kit has a redesigned hardened steel solenoid switch valve that has been engineered to prevent sticking.  A high-quality dual-piloting steel reamer comes with this kit to eliminate the need for an expensive fixture. The oversized hardened steel end plugs help to minimize overdrive clutch failure and prevent the transmission from going into Limp Mode. 

TransGo: RFE-SV453-WT

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