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88-07 Dodge/Chrysler A618/47RH/47RE/48RE Transmissions Transgo Valve Body Detent Ball Bore Repair

Fits: 1988-2007 Dodge/Chrysler A518/46RH/46RE/A618/47RH/47RE/48RE Transmissions

Order this TransGo TF-DETENT Valve Body Detent Ball Bore Repair for your 1988-2007 Dodge/ Chrysler A518/46RH/46RE/A618/47RH/47RE/48RE Transmission. The bore in the valve body where the detent ball rides gets damaged over time. This damage ends up forming a ridge where the ball rides and causes the ball to hang or stick during park disengagement making it difficult to get out of park. These issues tend to make it hard to get your vehicle out of park and causes manual valve not to be indexed properly. This Valve Body Detent Ball Bore Repair comes with a detent bullet, spring, and mumbly peg. 

Transgo: TF-DETENT

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