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01-05 Dodge NV5600 Valair Organic Quiet Towing Dual Disc

If you have a Stock - 500HP truck and tow alot this is the only way to go. This clutch has a very smooth engagement.

The Ultimate Towing Clutch just got Better!


  • Nodular iron flywheel
  • Spring hub design
  • Premium brass woven facings
  • Billet floater plate (will not break like other cast iron pieces)
  • 3800 lb. diaphragm pressure plate
  • HD roller pilot bearing
  • Includes all hardware for installation 


Smooth engagement and holding capabilities form stock up to 550hp/1100ft lbs. whiles maintaining a stock pedal feel an drivability.

This Quiet version will eliminate the floater plate rattle when the clutch pedal is pressed in. It will not get rid of gear rollover noise.

Valair part number:  QNV56DDSN-ORG


Lame California Prop 65 Notice