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01-05 Cummins NV5600 HMR 2 Disc Street Twin Clutch

SFI Approved Spec 1.2 Certified Flywheel
Street Driving, Heavy Towing
  Not recommend for sled pulling
Up to 4000RPMs
Clutch comes set up and assembled with everything you'll need for installation
  Billet Steel Flyhweel, SFI
  2 Organic Discs with Hardened Hubs
  Center Plate
  Diaphragm Pressure Plate
  Throwout Bearing
  Pilot Bearing (installed)

All units have been hand built and tested for proper release before shipping.
1994-2005 NV4500 & NV5600 transmissions do not require hydraulic upgrade.
ALL G56 Transmissions require hydraulic upgrade.

This clutch is so nice to drive, you will never know its a twin disc! It has slightly more pedal pressure, so Ladies don't be afraid!

Please allow 1-3 business days before clutch ships.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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