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03-12 Dodge Ram Glacier Double-X Ladder Bars

GDP "Double-X" Bolt-on Ladder Bars

You've been looking for true bolt-on ladder bars and we deliver. Looking for strength and traction while still maintaining ride quality on the streets? The GDP "Double X" Ladder Bars will give you what you need.

Our unique bolt-on front pivot mount allows forward and rearward travel of the axle during suspension flex. This maintains ride quality while eliminating rear wheel "hop" and increasing downforce when launching. As a side benefit empty ride quality and stability are greatly enhanced.

At GDP we use only the highest quality .120" wall tubing for our upper and lower bars and high grade 1/4" and 3/8" plate for all bar mounts. "Double X" Ladder Bars comes with double 1/2" u-bolt rear mounts that require no modification to the truck or welding. Plated u-bolts insure great looks and long life without worries of corrosion. All GDP "Double-X" ladder bars use minimum compression poly bushing with lubricant grooves and plated inserts for a smooth and controlled ride. Hand fabricated and assembled by our certified welders, you just won't find a higher quality ladder bar on the market.

GDP "Double X" Ladder Bars come in Gloss Black with plated hardware and installation takes roughly 1 hour with basic hand tools.

GDP "Double X" Ladder Bars work on all '03-'11 gas and diesel Dodge Ram trucks with up to 6 inches of lift.

Note: Only for trucks with AAM 11.5" rear axle (4" axle tubes). Will not work with air-bags.

As a vehicle accelerates from a stop, "Axle Wrap" begins to occur naturally-

Cause: Rear axle pinion movement. This natural movement is where vibration starts and is magnified by lift kits with larger than stock tires.

DEFINITION OF AXLE WRAP: The axle pinion moves up in a clock wise rotation, (looking from the drivers side), as the tire begins it's rotation in a counter clockwise direction moving the vehicle forward. The leaf spring will "Wrap up" like a sine wave or an "S" on its side. Therefore, "Axle Wrap" is actually "Leaf Spring Wrap" when power is applied to the rear axle in order to move the tires forward. When large tires with lift kits, or under heavy hauling, or any increase in torque requirements the "Wrap" will increase and create low speed vibrations and in some case extreme wheel hop as the leaf spring un-coils and reloads. This wheel hop can be severe. The vibrations results when the u-joints begin to ratchet as their movement creates an out-of-time problem u-joint problem. At speed, the pinion relaxes, the leaf spring flattens out, and the vibration subsides. 

To eliminate wheel hop, Glacier Diesel Power Ladder Bars are the solution.

Glacier Diesel part number: DXL-0309

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