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DHD Rear Suspension Stop Duramax & Dodge

DHD Sled Pulling Rear Suspension Stops

Our DHD Suspension Stops are an absolute must for all truck pullers. We have been selling our nationally known suspension stops for years and have had great success with these units. Our stops are adjustable in quarter inch increments and can be installed without drilling or welding. These stops will mount in the factory suspension stop location which equates to an easy, hassle free installation. These stops will work on all 01-10 Chevy/GMC pickups and 2003-2008 Dodge pickups.

Actual item is not powder-coated but can be powder coated upon request. Contact us for more details.

DHD part numbers:

  • 600-653 (Factory ride height)
  • 600-654 (4" Lift Kit)
  • 600-655 (6" and higher Lift Kit)
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