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Thuren 03-07.5 Dodge RAM HD 4x4 Adjustable Track Bar

Upgraded again for 2016, our proven Extreme duty trackbar will remain the same price! We've fine tuned a few processes, and started using special PTMEG polyurethane for our frame side bushings. Our trackbar is better than ever, and we think you will feel the same way!

Upgrading the trackbar is without question, THE most important upgrade you can make to help the steering and suspension feel, on the 2003-2013 Ram platform. Using our trackbar, feedback through the steering wheel is now basically non-existent, all while helping to prevent the dreaded, "Death Wobble".

Our trackbar is designed to be VERY rigid. Often people will think that having a rigid bar will give steering rattle and feedback. Well, it's actually the opposite, in THIS case. Reason being, the trackbar is the only steering support. If the support(trackbar) deflects, the truck will be allowed to basically steer itself as you encounter bumps/ruts/holes/etc. A rigid trackbar is the only way to know that inputs you make at the steering wheel, actually GET TO the wheels.


- Fits 2003-2007.5 Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 solid axle 4x4 trucks, and Power Wagon

- First place to start if your vehicle has ANY strange handling traits.

- Made from 1.50"x3/8" wall 1026 DOM tube

- CNC machined heim joint tube end.

- Bead blast textured, then highest quality Powdercoated. This Powdercoating does NOT chip.

- Specially molded 75D hard durometer, PTMEG fortified, Polyurethane frame bushing.

- Adjustable length

- Grease fitting for frame bushing.

- Extreme duty FK Teflon lined rod end at axle side.


In mid 2007, Dodge started upgrading the trackbar mounting bolts size from 14mm(18mm wrench size), to 16mm(21mm wrench size). Some 2007.5 trucks have been found to have 14mm fastener bolts, but once the trackbar is removed, you find a 16mm hole in the frame. The other thing found is a 16mm axle side bolt, and a 14mm frame side bolt. If you have this year truck, and you find mis-matched bolt sized, it is suggested you purchase our 2008-2013 trackbar, and option to buy new hardware from the drop down box on that page. This will let you drill out your axle and frame mounting holes with a 5/8"/16mm drill bit, and use the larger hardware as needed. Or, you can just do this as a bigger-bolt upgrade, as our 2003-2007.5 trackbar and our 2008-2013 trackbar are identical, except for bolt sleeve inside diameters.


Part number: TF-4LFTB-14MM

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