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Carli Low Mount Steering Stabilizer for 03-12 Trucks with 08.5+ Mopar Upgrade

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Carli Low Mount Steering Stabilizer for 03-12 2500/3500 Dodges with the 08.5+ Mopar Steering Upgrade*

This is a drop-in OEM replacement steering stabilizer for Dodge Ram 2500/3500. Carli offers the replacement stabilizer in several different models, depending on the configuration of your truck.  One design is specifically for the 2003-2008 models featuring the original Y-style steering geometry that came original on the truck and features a Bilstein 5100 monotube shock.  Next , Carli offers a stainless steel shrader series shock absorber with Carli's own custom hi-speed valve profile that is designed for 2003-2012 trucks featuring the T-style steering geometry.  2008.5-2012 models will come factory with this steering, and many 2003-2008 models have been retrofitted to this.  And the newest offering from Carli is their adapter that allows Y-Style steering trucks to run the stainless steel, nitrogen charged stabilizer shock.  This requires the adapter AND 08.5+ style stabilizer shock.


The stainless steel shocks Carli use has an Internal Floating Piston shock. This means there is an internal dividing piston which keeps the oil and nitrogen separated. The nitrogen gas maintains constant pressure against the low mass "floating" dividing piston and the column of hydraulic oil, virtually eliminating the possibility of oil foaming or performance loss commonly seen in emulsion style stabilizers sold by competitors.




  • Mounts in OEM Stabilizer Position
  • Corrects Right Tire Pull
  • Big Improvement in Steering Feel over Stock Damper

*We sell the 08.5+ Mopar Steering Upgrade Kit HERE.  If you have a 2009-2012 (and 2013 2500) truck you already have the upgrade kit from the factory.  If you are unsure which steering set-up you have on your truck, give us a call and we can walk you through checking it.

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