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South Bend DD Street Comp 3250 05+ Dodge G56 650HP Clutch

South Bend Street Dual Disk 3250 05+ Dodge G56 650HP Clutch




South Bend Dual Disk Street Comp 3250lb Plate Load
For the G56 6 Speed Transmission DOES NOT INCLUDE HYDRAULICS.
Includes flywheel, pressure plate, clutch fork, throwout bearing, & clutch alignment tool. 

Holds 650HP at the wheels!

Diaphragm style pressure plate with light pedal pressure, 12 ceramic buttons per side of disc, 650 hp with ductile flywheel - not SFI approved.

All the clutch components in this assembly are made of steel. The center plate is lugged to fit the flywheel. This complete clutch has no special requirements for install. It is a direct replacement of the OEM clutch. 

Recommended for up to 650 HP for drag racing/heavy street use/heavy towing.

Hydraulic upgrade is REQUIRED for the G56 6 Speed Transmissions, it is NOT included.

THIS IS A NON-SFI CLUTCH! Which means they are for street and off road use only, not recommended for competition use. They hold the power but are not made for the abuse of sled pulling. If you are going to sled pull please take a look at our non ductal flywheel dual disc clutches.

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