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NV4500 w/1.375 Input South Bend 475HP Clutch w/Flywheel

NV4500 w/1.375 Input South Bend 475HP Clutch w/Flywheel




South Bend Clutch Upgrade for up to 475 HP:
94-2000 5 Speed Trucks NV4500 with 1.375 input shaft upgrade.

Comes with upgraded 13" flywheel, stock is 12.25".

475HP, 1000ft lbs of torque

This Dyna Max kit features a full feramic lining and an organic lining on a marcelled fin. The pressure plate is modified for higher plate load and smoothness of engagement. This clutch was designed to cure premature disk failure due to high horse power and heavy hauling in the 5 speed and early 6 speed non-ETH 12 1/4" clutches. We have taken the 13" ETH clutch and modified it to accept the 1 1/4" input shaft. By doing this, it enabled us to offer a disk center that is 2-3 times larger and stronger then can be provided in the 12 1/4" clutch kits. This kit comes with a flywheel, re-drilled and refaced to accept the larger clutch and is rated to handle up to 450 horsepower & 1000 ft. lbs. of torque.

Years 1994-2000 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 NV4500 Transmissions with the upgraded 1.375 Input Shaft.
This kit DOES NOT include the larger input shaft.

Part Number: South Bend Clutch 1947-OFEK

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