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KDP Slide Action Injector Removal Tool w/ Free Adapter

KDT Slide Action Injector Removal Tool w/free Additional Adapter

List price: $299.95  


You save: $50.95 (17%)

This Slide Action tool from Kurz Diesel & Tooling is the perfect gift for any diesel mechanic. KDT has optimized this tool to work with many models and parts, they are also producing adapters to fit more models.

Special Introductory Pricing and FREE 14x1.5 Adapter

14x1.5 Adapter fits the following models: (Included for Launch Special)

  • 1996+ Volkswagen TDI Injectors
  • Cummins Fuel Feed Tubes
  • 1994-1998 Cummins 12 Valve Injectors
  • 2001+ Duramax Injectors
  • 2011+ 6.7L Powerstroke Injectors
  • Miscellaneous Agriculture and Heavy Duty Vehicle Injectors (with 14x1.5 thread pitch)

12x1.5 Adapter fits the following models: (Purchased Separately via Drop-Down)

  • Pre-1993 Cummins Injectors
  • Mercedes Benz BlueTEC Injectors
  • Ram EcoDiesel Injectors
  • Miscellaneous Agriculture and Heavy Duty Vehicle Injectors (with 12x1.5 thread pitch)

Glow Plug Attachment: (Purchased Separately via Drop-Down)

  • 06+ Duramax Glow Plugs

Bosch style fuel injection components should be compatible

All of these fitments are just what we KNOW the item works on, other fitments may also be discovered. 

Note: We recommend blue thread sealer on the top stop to prevent accidental disassembly.


  • Swivel End for Special Fitments
  • Able to be Completely Disassembled for Maintenance and Replacement
  • Multipurpose Adapter Line
  • Easy to Use
  • KDT is Constantly Looking to Expand the Adapter Line
  • Bottle of Assembly Lubricant Included for NO extra charge
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

This Slide Action tool is an asset to any mechanic, enthusiast, or racer that works on their vehicle. It has done wonders here at Pure Diesel Power and we endorse this product entirely. In fact, we even used it on a few of our shop vehicles just to show how it works. Stay tuned and we will have a video ready to check out!

Keep a close eye on our website or social media when we announce more attachments as they are produced.

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