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Daystar 5 Pack Firewall 3/8” to 1” Boot

Throw away those leaky rubber grommets! Daystar’s Firewall Boot is the BEST way to run wires, hoses, and other lines through your vehicle’s firewall. Simply drill a 1.25” diameter hole in the firewall and install the boot. Run your wires, trim the boot as necessary, and secure the assembly with a zip tie. It’s that easy!

•Safely and cleanly run wires through firewalls and bulkheads

•Protects wires from sharp edges

•Eliminates air / water leaks 

•Prevents wire chaffing and shorts

•Fits a variety of wire thicknesses and bundles from 3/8” to 1”

•Works great for tubing and air lines, too!

•1.25” diameter hole required for installation.

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