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Intercooler - 19.75x12x3.5, 2.5" I/O, Top to Bottom (Type 11)

This massive top-to-bottom front mount intercooler with the inlet and outlet on the same side is perfect for single-turbo setups.

100% Lightweight aluminum, No Epoxy Used In Core
Show quality, mirror polished finish
Bar and Plate, Internal Fin Design
Fin pitch is 15 fins/inch - 8 external and 7 internal

Recommended for up to 800 CFM / 600 HP
Pressure Drop: Less than 1 PSI
Inlet: 2.5" Outlet: 2.5"
Core Size: 18.25"x6"x3.5" (Endtanks add to total dimensions)

Lame California Prop 65 Notice