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Intake Pressure/Boost Leak Tester, 4.0"

Use this Intake Leak Pressure Tester to make sure you get 100% performance from your turbo.

Intake leaks can overwork or even destroy a turbo and cause a rich or lean condition in the engine. To eliminate your intake leaks, simply attach this Intake Leak Pressure Tester to your turbo inlet and apply compressed air through the standard tire valve stem. You can listen for air leaks or spray soapy water in suspect areas - the soap will bubble if there is a leak.

Machined from silver-anodized aluminum, these pressure testers are the highest quality tool available. Since they utilize a 3-ply silicone reducer and high-quality stainless steel t-bolt clamps, you can pressure test your intake to very high-pressure levels.

Every Intake Leak Pressure Tester utilizes a 2.5" tester cap and a reducer to fit your turbo inlet size, so if you need to pressure test multiple turbos with different inlet sizes, you can just buy additional reducers.

The product includes everything shown and comes fully assembled.

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