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98-02 Dodge 24V Cummins ATS High Flow Intake Manifold - Black

Arc-Flow Intake Manifold, Black Powdercoat, 98.5-02 Cummins, Pre-tapped for gauges/water injection, Includes Powder Coating and Machining.

The ATS Intake Manifold offers these benefits:
The Arc-Flow intake manifold provides a smooth non-abstractive path for the air exiting the intercooler as it enters the engine. There is the one basic element that is required to produce power and reduce EGT's in a Diesel engine, that element is "Oxygen".
Oxygen is the key element of life, and oxygen is the key to the Diesel engine. Air volume provides the necessary element to efficiently burn the fuel that is injected into the combustion chamber.
The stock intake manifold on the Cummins 5.9L engine acts as a restrictor plate does on a NASCAR engine. A restrictor plate reduces the amount of air that can enter the engine limiting the overall power output.
The ATS Arc-Flow intake manifold allows the air to expand at a rate that does not create turbulence as it is fed into the cylinder head.
As the incoming air opens into a larger expansion area the air will tumble if expanded to quickly. The Arc-Flow intake is specially engineered to allow for maximum expansion of only 7 degrees providing a perfectly controlled expansion of air-flow into the cylinder head.
The Arc-Flow also comes pre-taped for perfect distribution of water injection. When looking for economy, towing or performance the Arc-Flow is the best add on that can be easily bolted to any Cummins 5.9L Diesel.

- Lowers Exhaust Gas Temperatures

- Better throttle response
- Superior Arc-flow design increases intake efficiency and air velocity over that of a stock intake manifold with much greater internal cross section. (see image - right)
- Ideal when upgrading your turbo.
- Shrouded back side of intake is pre-tapped for easy and clean gauge installation and other auxiliary inputs.
- Will not void warranty.
- Pre-tapped for water injection directly above the intake plenum.

ATS: 2019012218anifold.

Dyno results show that the ATS Arc-flow's average gain is over 10 Horsepower and 21 lb/ft of Torque.

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