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07.5-17 Dodge 6.7L Cummins GDP Mega-Flo S-2 Flanged Intake Manifold

Discontinued (Updated 2/29/2024)

Fits pickups & cab & chassis trucks.

Looking for massive airflow increases for your high performance 6.7L Cummins? Need the ability to keep a grid heater in the system? Now you can!

With the introduction of the new 2010+ 4th Gen body design space under the hood is at a premium. This has not allowed 4th Gen Dodge owners to utilize our Arctic Heat remote grid heater system. With the introduction of the Mega-Flo S-2 flanged intake manifold you can now have a high flow manifold and grid heater all in one package. The flanged design of the S-2 manifold allows installation of the GDP TVM High Flow Grid Heater, GDP Throttle Valve Delete, or any other accessory that uses a stock style throttle valve bolt pattern. When combined with our Air-Boss Grid Delete you have the ultimate high flow air package for the 6.7L Cummins

The Mega-Flo 6.7L intake manifold is a precision, permanent mold, aluminum casting. Casting via permanent mold and heat treating gives the Mega-Flo S-2 superior material density for final machining. The permanent mold process offers a precision part with a great finish for colored powdercoat.

To maximize internal flow area, the #1 injector line relief is cast in as a solid boss. This allows us to finish machine the relief slot for tight tolerance and low interior protrusion. During final machining, all interior bosses are reduced to the absolute minimum needed for injector line clearance. From a design standpoint the Mega-Flo S-2 intake manifold is a perfect blend of fit, form and function.

Two things are at play with our intake systems, pressure and velocity. The flaring design of the Mega-Flo S-2 causes an increase in cross sectional area as the incoming air charge approaches the plenum area. The increased area slows the air velocity and increases the pressure. This is important because low velocity air has less drag as it encounters obstructions like the sharp turn into the plenum area. For example, the same thing happens at the entrance to the intercooler. The small pipe expands to the huge volume of the intercooler. This accomplishes two things. First it slows the air down so that all of the tiny intercooler passages don't cause unnecessary drag. Second it increases the pressure of the air so it can transfer heat more efficiently. For maximum airflow you need to look at the system as a whole.

To lower restriction even further we have gone to a 5 bolt mounting design. This design eliminates the pass thru boss needed for the 6th bolt and allows us to open the cross sectional area even further. Some 5 bolt manifold designs allow "gasket creep" which causes long term gasket failure due to thermal cycling. To eliminate this, we leave a gasket retainer boss for the 6th bolt location during final machining. This boss captures the gasket and eliminates gasket creep.

For accessories such as boost gauges, water/meth or nitrous the Mega-Flo S-2 is ready. On the back we have added five 1/8" NPT ports which will cover all of your additions with room to grow down the road.


For maximum cold air flow the new Mega-Flo 6.7L intake manifold delivers!

All Mega-Flo S-2 6.7L intake manifolds include mounting bolts, gaskets, plugs, and full color instruction manual.

Note: For twin pump applications the Mega-Flo S-2 is currently ONLY compatible with ATS twin CP-3 kits.

Part #:07511-MFS2

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