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Heatshield Products HP Shield Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield

Heatshield Products HP Shield Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield




For use with exhaust pipes up to a 3" diameter and 14" long.

Insulation Type: Insulator, keeps heat in
Uses: Exhaust Pipe Wrap
Rated To :Heat shield exhaust header wrap
Another Heatshield Products "thermal innovation" stops radiant heat at the source. This revolutionary new heat shield allows you to isolate heat at the source by reducing radiant heat damage to other vehicle components. Next generation technology allows it to be placed directly on the exhaust system. Comprised of three layers, the first is a stamped half pipe of 304 stainless steel, the second is a 1/8" thick piece of ceramic insulation, the third is a stainless steel mesh to hold the pad in place. The HP Shield™ is so simple it literally installs in seconds! Just wrap the heat shield around the exhaust pipe and hold in place with the 2 included 14” long stainless steel locking ties. This exhaust heat shield is designed to shield only the top half of the exhaust pipe, not completely cover it. Good for 1800°F continuous.

  • Continuous operating temperature of 1800°F, 2200°F intermittent
  • Capable of reducing 40% of radiant heat from exhaust pipe
  • Simple installation, install in minutes!
  • Perfect shield to cover the top half of an exhaust pipe

Please note: The HP Shield™ is moderately flexible, it will bend slightly, but not significantly.


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