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19-22 Ram 5.7L Hemi Edge Pulsar Tuning Module


2019-2022 RAM 5.7 HEMI performance has arrived! Pulsar is a brand new, innovative product that has been engineered to keep your PCM on the truck with no flash tuning, or removal of the computer itself, required. Pulsar is an in-line computer that connects directly to the vehicle PCM, with no additional wiring harness. Do we have your attention yet?!. The all-new, re-engineered Pulsar for Ram Hemi is here and better than ever! As the only inline module on the market today for performance tuning and feature control without requiring modification to the factory PCM, Pulsar is an excellent option for your Ram Hemi owners. The all-new enclosure design replaces our original case for improved durability, reliability and more modern stylish looks. Along with the new case design, we've re-engineered the internal board for increased durability, and performance with the ability to now clear diagnostics trouble codes. Pulsar For Ram Hemi offers multiple features like speedometer calibration for larger tires or gear ratio changes, disabling your Multi-Displacement System (keep it a V8 all the time!), improved pedal sensitivity, and add as much as 30hp/30ft-lbs of torque with power adjustment on the fly through your cruise control buttons! *2022 Ram Owners - Because of supply chain issues at Chrysler, some 2022 model trucks are being shipped with a different GPEC5 PCM, which will not work with the Pulsar 32453. If you own a 2022 model, please verify your ECM has the two harness connectors located on the side of the ECM, not along the top narrow edge. Your vehicle with need the GPEC2A ECM in order for Pulsar to work.


·         User-adjustable power levels via cruise control buttons

·         Adjustable power levels on-the-fly

·         Tire Size: 20" to 59"

·         Gear Ratio: 2.00 - 5.99

·         Improves economy, towing capabilities, and performance

·         Up to 8 performance levels

·         Power level displayed on OEM dash

·         Adds up to 30 HP and 30 ft-lbs TQ

·         Advanced ignition timing (spark)

·         User-selectable MDS on/off

·         Adjusts accelerator pedal response

·         Pairs with Edge's award-winning Insight CS2 or CTS3


This part is legal under the provisions of EPA’s Tampering Policy dated November 23rd, 2020. The company has reasonable basis (test results) to verify that this product allows the vehicle to operate within legal emissions standards and is therefore legal to be sold for on-street use in all states that accept the legal provisions of the Clean Air Act and the EPA Tampering Policy. This product is NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Testing with the California Air Resources Board, in order to achieve 50-state compliance, is pending with CARB. Once testing is complete with California, and an E.O. number is issued, this product will be updated to 50-state legal status.

Edge Products: 32453



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