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Fleece Performance XDL Expansion Data Logger

Fleece Performance XDL Expansion Data Logger


Product discontinued


The Fleece Performance XDL was designed to be an expansion data logger that seamlessly integrates with EFILive via the V2 module. With the unmatched ability to log all 21 XDL channels and 96 OBDII channels and display them using EFILive’s superior user interface, the XDL is the most versatile and cost effective data logger on the market. The XDL is not limited to OBD II type or EFILive supported vehicles though. It can be used as a black box logger, on all mechanically controlled engines, such as; the 12v Cummins, pulling tractors, competition semis, and carbureted or fuel injected gas type engines while still featuring the ability to use the unrivaled EFILive interface for logging, recording, and playback.

FPE XDL Standard Kit:
-20Hz GPS – Highest resolution on the market
-8g Accelerometer
-4 RTD Temperature Sensors
-RTD Temperature Sensor Bungs (2 Steel and 2 Aluminum)
-(2) 300psig Pressure Sensors

Optional Add-ons:
-RTD Temperature Sensors
-RTD Temperature Sensor Bungs (Steel or Aluminum)
-Pressure Sensors
-Heat Dissipation Coil
-1 1/16" Pressure Sensor Socket
-Speed Sensors
-EFILive V2

Fleece Perf part number:  FPE-XDL-STARTER

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