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13-18 Ram 6.7L Cummins BD Exhaust Manifold (Cab + Chassis)

Fully divided pulse manifold made from high-silicon ductile iron and designed to withstand extreme temperatures and vibration. Precision slip joints allow the manifold to expand and contract, which reduces cyclic thermal fatigue and greatly increases manifold longevity.


  • Pre-drilled for pyrometer probes
  • Gasket, Bolt and Spacers kits are available separately
  • Cast of high silicon ductile iron to withstand extreme temperature cycling caused during DPF regeneration
  • Thick walled casting and integral slip joint prevents cracking and exhaust leaks
  • Fully EGR compatible
  • T4 outlet available with fully divided pulse manifold design


  • 8 Hours 41 Minutes



  • 36-Months
  • 75,000 Miles


Replaces Chrysler # 68027070AA, 68027070AB, 68210184AB

Replaces Cummins # 5301441


This product does not require an EO in California. By nature of its design, it is legal for sale and use in all 50 states. Replacement parts included. (EMS:4)

BD: 1045968

Lame California Prop 65 Notice