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88-98 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 12V DPS 3-Piece Exhaust Manifold

DPS-X 3-Piece Exhaust Manifold for 1988-1998 Dodge Cummins 12V

T3 Turbo Flange, same as stock.

Features Include:

  • Flow tested and balanced for smooth, balanced exhaust flow, while maintaining velocity for increased turbo spool up
  • Includes block gaskets, and 12 new bolts
  • Three, Drilled and Tapped ports, for pyrometer and pressure fitting, one even in the bottom.
  • Made from nickel laced ductile iron
  • Black High Temperature Coating
  • Comes pressed together, pressure tested and ready to install

The DPS-X manifold, is an all new mold design for just the 12 Valve manifolds.  This is an important factor, because nearly every other competitor manifold on the market uses the same mold design for the 24 valve (round port), as for the 12 valve (rectangular port) manifolds and then they machine the ports to the correct shape.  This is good for production cost, but poor for exhaust flow and performance, because the competiting mold design is smaller and then machined to shape, leaving smaller ports and poor exhaust transition, compared to our new design.  Our 12V rectangular port manifold has a rectangular port mold, and our 24V round port manifold has a round port mold.  More costly to make?  Yes.  Better performance for you?  Absolutely!  Still the best price manifold on the market, why even consider anything else.

The DPS 3-Piece Manifold for the Dodge Cummins engine is both a great performance manifold and a factory replacement manifold. This 3-Piece Manifold is cast from Ductile Iron sililar to your turbine housing (which can handle extreme heat, without much expansion or shinkage).  We've designed this manifold with flow bench testing to increase turbo spool-up, and increase exhaust gas efficiency, all while manitaining exhaust gas velocity, so the turbo will function optimally. We've made the end ports flow more similar to the center ports so the end ports EGT's won't be severly hotter than the center ports.

Some competitors exhaust manifolds boast "Huge runners, or Huge tube design", while this sounds appealing, too big of runners will actually slow the exhaust velocity, and then need to re-accelerate as it bottle necks through the turbo, causing a loss in horsepower, and spool-up.  We have actually seen a competitors manifold decrease horsepower by 40 hp on a 400 hp truck.

Stock manifolds and one-piece competitor manifolds are known to shrink significantly, causing manifold-cracking, gasket problems, and exhaust flow problems created by exhaust port misalignment. Even stainless steel manifolds will shrink significantly, causing misalignment.  The dirty little secret is that competitors stainless steel actually moves (expands and contracts) more than ductile iron does.  Our 3-Piece Manifold, on the other hand, allows manifold to expand and contract with heat, eliminating warping and cracking to the manifold, eliminating the dreaded manifold shrinkage.

Diesel Power Source part number: DPS12V-R

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