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00-08 Dodge SRW Dana 60 & AAM EMS Offroad Hub Conversion Kit

After talking to many newer Truck Owners, the Dodge owners are looking for better mileage and less wear on the front axle joints. Then both the Ford and Dodge owners are looking for cheaper maintenance cost on the wheel/hub bearings. Plus if you are pulling a heavy trailer, you can now use your truck in low range without the bind of four-wheel drive on hard pack surfaces. This is really handy and keeps your clutch or auto transmission happy.

 Then we started looking at the existing options on the market and decided that there must be a more affordable solution out there. The other kits we found were/are listed for $1800! After talking to a few different manufacturers we were able to put a couple different kits together for a great deal less.

 The initial cost is hardly more expensive than replacing a pair of hub bearings. The real payback on the investment is when it is time to maintain the front wheel bearings, axle joint, driveshaft joints, an increase in fuel mileage. When it comes time to inspect, repair, or replace the front wheel bearings, the cost is now dropped to around $40-60 per side, not the $300-500 per side.

 The design we based our kit off of is the oldest standard of wheel bearings, two opposing tapered roller bearings on a common spindle (commonly referred to as “Full Floating.”) The sizes of the parts used are that of a truck with the same GVRW as your truck now is. This same style of setup has been used by Dodge, GM, and Ford in their heavy ¾ ton to 1 ¼ ton trucks in both single rear wheel and Dual rear wheel, and has been around and used for over 40 years. The only reason they did away with the setup is that it takes longer at the factory to install a “Full Floating” setup then to install a hub assembly.

 We also investigated the reason why the Hub assemblies fail. We noticed the bearing cage is made out of plastic. Also, note the distance the bearings are apart from each other. The one bearing fell apart once we removed it from the housing!

 The Extreme Duty kit uses upgraded Chromoly 4340 35 spline Axles and EMS Premium Lockouts. The Extreme Duty Kit was designed for heavy plow trucks, pulling trucks and heavy offroading.


  • Stronger Axle Shaft 4340
  • Better Fuel Mileage
  • Easier Steering input(in 2wd)
  • Service-able Timken Bearings
  • Eliminates front Drive shaft Vibrations, in 2wd
  • If you do break a stub axle, the bearing will not fall apart.
  • Less wear on the front end (u-joints, gears, drive shaft, t-case)
  • Driving with a Locked front end, in 2wd, will not fight the steering

See Install Instructions:Click Here

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