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98-99 Dodge Ram 3500 Mevotech BXT Wheel Bearing And Hub Assembly (With ABS Sensor) (Left)

Fits: 1998-1999 Dodge Ram 3500 

Mevotech Supreme Parts™ are engineered in-house, with application-specific upgrades for increased durability and performance. Mevotech Supreme hub bearing assemblies are built for high-usage commercial and passenger vehicles, SUVs, fleets and working trucks. Plus, innovative Labor Saver™ designs, and hardware make installations faster and easier.


PRECISE SIGNAL QUALITY: Increased gauge and strain reliefs provide ABS cable with abrasion resistance and increased cable strength.
PRE-FILLED WITH PREMIUM GREASE: Premium lubricant withstands high temperature, extreme pressure, resists corrosion and reduces friction.
PREMIUM SEAL FOR CONTAMINANT PROTECTION: Multi-point sealing system provides layers of defense to keep contaminants out and vital grease in.
SUPERIOR DURABILITY: High-grade materials are used on all components for longer part life.
RIGOROUS TESTING: Extensive in-house and third-party durability testing ensures ultimate performance and strength.

Mevotech: H515068

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