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00-02 Dodge 2500/3500 Ram 35 Spline Inner Axle Upgrade CAD Delete Kit

Included in the kit are 2 new Chromoly axles that get rid of the 2 part setup, a new axle seal, block off the plate, and new gasket.

You can use this kit with or without our Hub Conversion Kit.

This is a great way to add to our Hub Conversion Kit. Ditch the stock troublesome parts for a new less complicated setup.

What about your gears turning all the time now. Good point, but it seems that even Jeep and Dodge both have gotten away from the CAD since Jeeps did away with the CAD in the Cherokees in 91 and Dodge in the 2500/3500 in 01.

**Axles are made per order, 3-5 day production, then shipped**

EMS part number: CAD-00D-35-KIT.

See Instructions: Click Here

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