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94-99 Dodge Ram Fixed Depth Inner Axle Seal Kit, Right Side Only

QK4699 Kit for Right Side only. Includes QT1190 Right Seal Installer, QT1048 125,000 psi tensile strength alloy steel Press Rod, USA made certified Grade 8 Hardware, and QT1047 Thrust Plate, QU40105 Right Seal, QU40090 Central Axle Disconnect Gasket, QU50048 Hose Clamp for vent hose. Tools Made in Montana.
Order TSB4620 Inner Axle Seal Replacement Tech Service Bulletin separately.

Our Fixed Depth Front Inner Axle Seal Kits with Depth Stop Installers take the guess work out of installing your new axle shaft oil seals because our CNC Precision Machined Depth Control Seal Installers will stop at the original precise seal depths on 1994 to 1999 Ram 2500 and 3500 4x4 trucks with Dana Spicer Model 60 front axles. Not recommended for 1500 models. Our QK4698 and QK4699 Kits are designed to work on all these Dodge Ram 4x4 trucks: 1994-1999 Ram 2500 with Cummins Diesel, 1994-1999 Ram 2500 with gas V10, 1994-1999 Ram 3500, 1994-1997 Ram 2500 gas V8 with 8800 pound or higher GVW, and all 1998-1999 Ram 2500. Successfully installing the inner axle shaft oil seals on your heavy-duty 1994 to 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 4x4 trucks can really raise your blood pressure if you do not have the right tools for the job. Our QK4698 Kit for both left and right seals, or our QK4699 Right Side Only Kits make inner axle oil seal installation easy and almost fool-proof on your Dodge Ram 4x4 equipped with the factory vacuum controlled Central Axle Disconnect (CAD) system. Our special, CNC Precision Machined, solid steel Seal Installers support these difficult to install seals in 3 locations so the seal cannot cock or get crushed during installation.

Please see TS4698 for Tool Sets Only without the seals, gasket, and clamp. See our QK4620 page for our Adjustable Depth Kits that allow you to offset the seal to miss grooves worn in your axle shafts.

Need More Info? Use the handy Links below to access over 40 years of Dan's product and vehicle specific Tech Notes to easily get the information you need for your vehicle's repair, maintenance, or upgrade project!

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Notes:
Differential Removal
Before Installing
1989-2001 Dodge Model 44
4x4 Tech Help Publications
Seal Remover Tool Set

Tech Note 1: Differential Removal
Differential removal is NOT required to change the QU40105 Right Axle Shaft Seal as it is located in the right axle tube just to the right of the rectangular CAD opening. A complete axle teardown including differential removal is required to change the QU40159 Left Seal.

Tech Note 2: Before Installing
Successfully installing a CAD axle shaft seal without the correct Seal Installer has about the same chance of success as buying a winning lottery ticket. Makeshift methods don't usually get the job done due to the restricted area you need to work in, and the amount of compression needed to be applied to the seal. Due to the way we have to make the Tool, your Seal Installer and Seal MUST match. QT1190 Right Seal Installer will only work with original equipment design, NOK manufactured seals such as our QU40105 (Dodge p/n4506005). QT1136 Left Seal Installer will only work with original equipment design, NOK manufactured seals such as our QU40159 (Dodge p/n 4116366). Seals manufactured by other seal manufacturers WILL NOT WORK WITH OUR INSTALLERS!!!! If you have the green, CR manufactured QU40326 (Dodge 4506005AB) right seal use our QT1114 Installer. If you have the green, CR manufactured QU40270 left seal use our QT1084 Installer. We do not manufacture installers for this application to fit any other competitive seal designs such as National or NAK.

Tech Note 3: 1989-2001 Dodge Model 44
We make two types of Seal Installers for your Ram 4x4: Adjustable Depth and Fixed Depth. The Kits on this page include Fixed Depth Installers that will firmly stop at a preset depth. Fixed Depth Installers will only fit Dana 60 axles in 1994 to 1999 Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 4x4s. Choose our Adjustable Depth Seal Installers (QK4620QK4631TS4620, or TS4631) for installing seals in any 1989-2001 Dodge with a Model 44, or if you want the flexibility to offset the seals on 1994 to 1999 3/4 ton and 1 tons with the Dana 60. Choose our Fixed Depth Installers if you want quick, fool-proof seal installation on 1994 to 1999 Dana 60 equipped Ram 2500 and Ram 3500.

Tech Note 4: Seals
Kit includes 1 seal for each side. Extra individual seals are available for purchase if Murphy's Law strikes-Anything that can go wrong will!!!

Tech Note 5: 4x4 Tech Help Publications
Need tech help on how to perform inner axle seal replacement on your 1994-1999 Dodge Ram 2500 or Ram 3500? Get my TSB4620 Inner Axle Seal Replacement Tech Service Bulletin, a fully illustrated, 8-page publication with 31 color photos. Includes Step-by-Step Service Procedures, Tool Recommendations, and Torque Specifications in an easy to read and follow format for replacing those pesky front axle shaft seals on all 1994 to 1999 Dodge Ram 4x4 trucks with Dana-Spicer Model 60 front drive axles. Available in print version.

Tech Note 6: Seal Remover Tool Set
Once the axle is disassembled, the old seals can be easily removed with our TS1184 Seal Remover Tool Set or other suitable tool such as a length of sturdy pipe that will fit inside the axle tube. You will also need to clean the inside of the axle tube to remove dirt and crud that could get pushed into your new seal during reassembly.

Ram 2500, Ram 3500 with Dana 60 Front axles: all 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Part number: QK4699

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