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Dodge Cummins PSM Cold Air Intake System 04.5 Newer

Dodge Cummins PSM Cold Air Intake System 04.5 Newer




COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM FOR 04.5 and NEWER DODGE/CUMMINS WITH OR WITHOUT FOG LIGHTS: Cold air is picked up as the air passes under the vehicle.
Air enters PSM's exclusive designed air inlet port located behind the bumper at the bottom of the stock vertical air baffle. (Photo 8)
Cold air then flows into the bottom of the stock air box through a smooth bore steel reinforced, fuel and heat resistant thermoplastic rubber duct.
This kit retains the stock air baffle which prevents hot underhood engine air from entering the air box.
This kit is made for the Cummins 04.5 and newer Laramie, SLT model trucks or any other similar model that have or do not have fog lights.

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Very easy to install. Have not had a chance to drive it while towing but cant wait to see if I get an increase in mpg and coler egt's.

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