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94-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Tymar Cold Air Intake

The Tymar filter originated when it was noticed that the stock air box has a poor seal design and is a fairly restrictive system. Once you add modifications that make additional horsepower it is not able to keep up with the airflow requirement. The Tymar Intake solves both problems in a simple method at a reasonable price.

Better seal: There has been a concern with the sealing capabilities of the stock intake since its inception. The Tymar Intake has a secure, positive, and unquestionable seal. Things got worse when aftermarket filters tried to match Ford’s design. Not only have there been numerous recalls on the stock air box, but also on some aftermarket filters.

Better Filtration: During regulated SAE J726 testing, the Tymar Intake out performs the filtration efficiency rating of the stock filter. Re-usable filters (such as the K&N and AFE) show lower initial efficiency ratings than the stock intake design, which allow excessive amounts of dirt to enter the intake track that will adversely affect the intake turbo impeller. Independent lab testing reports: Tymar (Donaldson) 99.8%, Stock (Ford) 98.7%, K&N 97.1%, AFE 95.4%

Less restriction: Testing shows the Tymar Intake has much less restriction than the stock design. A stock truck will pull ~26” H20 of restriction. Install a "high flow” K&N filter and you can drop that figure down to ~23” H20 of restriction. The Tymar intake has ~17” H2O. The Tymar intake shines when horsepower modifications have been installed. The more air required, the more a larger surface area filter outperforms other smaller filters.

More boost: Less restriction equals a more efficient turbo. Because the turbo does not have to work at pulling air to it, it can generate a quicker, higher spin rate. A bone stock truck (not even a down pipe) will gain 1 psi to 2 psi of boost. A slightly modified truck will gain 3 psi to 4 psi of boost. The higher the level of modification, the better a larger filter will work.
Exhaust Gas Temperatures: EGT's seem to drop approx 50° on the test vehicles.
Ingesting warm “under hood” air: Concerns with ingesting warm "under hood" air are unfounded. Intake air temp rise over outside ambient temperature is only 20°F to 30°F higher when moving faster than 30 mph. The largest temperature difference occurred while pulling the gross vehicle weight rate up a steep incline and was only 65°F over outside ambient temp.

Air density: Although it is true that warm air is less dense, thermodynamic calculations show that the drop in restriction that leads to a gain in overall boost more than makes up for any loss in air density. In fact, you would need to ingest air heated well above 120°F over the ambient temperature to lose power due to the loss of air density.

Weather: No issues with rain or snow have been noted. The patented filter media is hydrophobic (water resistant) up to 10” of restriction.

Coatings: The standard Tymar Intake comes with an aluminized coating to prevent rust and corrosion. You can also order Powder Coating in black. Special orders can be processed in Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, and various ceramic coatings if desired.

Fleetguard BHAF AH1141 will fit as replacement. Or click here for Tymar filter.

Tymar part number: D01

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