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97-99 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Factory Fuel Filter

97-99 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Fuel Filter Conversion Kit

From Fleetguard Fleetguard

Limited availibility. Product may have slight backorder. 


Check out the new billet version- CLICK HERE!




Check out the new billet version- CLICK HERE!


Limited availibility. Product may have slight backorder. 

94-96 Fuel Filter conversion kit for 97-99 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. It is very common for the fuel filter heads on 97, 98, and 98.5 trucks to leak at the top of the housing or near the fuel filter.
If you try to source an exact replacement housing, you'll find that they are rediculously priced or not available at all.

This solution offers a cost-effective alternative. You also get an easier-to-change fuel filter.
The only drawback? This fuel filter setup does not utilize a fuel heater at all. You'll need to tape off the connection on the truck side of the harness.

Kit includes:

  • 1-3925600 filter head (from a 94-96 truck)
  • 1-FS1253 filter
  • 1-3926481 filter adapter
  • 1-3831852-S water in fuel sensor

To utilize the water in fuel sensor, you'll need to cut your existing sensor off and splice the new sensor in.
New! Plug kit note:
Due to having to spin the fuel filter to change it, it is highly recommended to have a plug-in style connection for the water in fuel sensor. Unfortunately, after extensive searching, we are unable to source a plug that mates with the factory water-in-fuel sensor. The next best thing was to source a quality, weather resistant male-female plug kit. Select the option above to include this kit. 

If you want the sealing washers (recommended) please select the option in the drop down above.

Part number: FFC9799

This is the EASIEST kit out there to replace the old canister part number: 3898281s (3898281-s)

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*Unless you use the vehicle in continuous 10ºF or less temps this is not required, though proper fuel treatment and using reliable fuel sources are highly recommended.

*The snubber is to maximize accuracy of the sensor/gauge and protect them from injection pulses which will be noticed as needle bounce. The plug is needed if you do not plan to run a gauge.

If your truck did not originally use a spin-on filter you will need a WIF sensor unless you plan to run the sensor-less FS19608 which has a built in drain.

Contact us if you would like another of our options.

Recommended for applications over 350hp, for applications pushing more than 600hp see our pn:PDPFLAK to compliment your filter head.

Though these are commonly reusable, over tightening can cause them to leak. Avoid the headaches and get a new set, tighten as if you're spinning an 8mm bolt.


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