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Mag Hytec Dodge AAM 9.25 14 Bolt Axle Front Differential Cover

Mag Hytec AAM 9.25" 14 Bolt Dodge Front Differential Cover

Dodge Ram Front:
2003-2013 2500 Automatic & Standard Diesel
2003-2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Automatic & Standard Diesel

Overall height 3 5/8"

Standard Diesel and High Output / Gas Engines

*Lube Locker Custom Made Reusable Gasket

Includes Bolt kit, Drain Plug and Dip Stick

4 Quarts total capacity.

A word of caution: This cover has been modified to fit modifications made on Dodge trucks and also stock trucks. However, some modification could be required to clear all steering components, this applies to stock and modified trucks. Be extra attentive to fitment  and clearance prior to installation. There are new instructions available. 

Mag Hytec: AA14-9.25-A

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