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Cummins 6B 5.9L 12 Valve Fully Loaded Cylinder Head

Cummins 6B 5.9L 12 Valve Fully Loaded Cylinder Head




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1988-1998 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins 6B 12 Valve Diesel Fully Loaded Cylinder Head

Now available BARE! Select option above.

Includes cylinder head, valves, valve springs, retainers, & keepers. Injector bores are 7mm.

Customers, please keep in mind that if you own a 88-91.0 Non-Intercooled Cummins, you will need to upgrade to injectors with 7mm nozzles in order to use this cylinder head.

Cast in a Cummins plant, using tooling that allows for a thicker casting of the head.

Standard exhaust springs come on the intake valves, 60lb upgraded springs come standard on the exhaust side, perfect for exhaust-brake users!

Please select shipping option above.
Basic standard cylinder heads are shipped factory direct.

If you are having us port or machine the cylinder head, please select the "Machined Head, UPS GROUND option".
This is required because we have to get the head here, then ship it out after we do the machine work.

For Porting/Polishing work, please allow up to 1 month for delivery. Please call ahead to verify lead times.
Our stage 2 port job flows 186CFM intake side and 211CFM on the exhaust side at .400" of lift., numbers may vary slightly per head as castings are not 100% consistent.
New offering! Stage 3 port job with the intake plenum machined off, allows for much more intake side work! Call for more details.

Back Cut Valve work includes back cut valves and custom 5 angle valve job.
Add up to 10 business days if you want o-rings cut in the cylinder head.

O-ringing & Fire-Ring price includes decking of the cylinder head for optimal head gasket sealing & flatness.

NOTE: Any cylinder head that we do not do work on SHOULD BE CHECKED for flatness before installation. We also recommend the valve job & valve guide clearance be checked before installing the head for optimal performance and longevity. This is simply a precaution and should be done whether you get a head from Cummins or any other source.

Please Note: A portion of the upgrade price goes towards getting the cylinder head shipped to our shop, then being shipped to the customer after custom work is finished.

When custom work is done on these cylinder heads, some shavings may be present in the intake or exhaust ports. If you want us to clean & re-assemble your cylinder head before shipping it, please select the option below.

UPS shipping costs apply to the Lower 48 States only. Alaska, Hawaii, or overseas shipment will cost additional.

See our porting comparison pictures.

Want to read more about Fire Ringing vs O-Ringing your cylinder head? Click here!

NO LABOR Acceptance of this head constitutes acceptance of this warranty. ONE YEAR warranty - Limited to replacement of head and gasket NO LABOR Heat tab must be in place not altered or melted. Any claim must be returned to the manufacturer with a return number for inspection. Only one warranty per purchase. Replacement warranty runs the balance of the original purchase not to exceed one year from original purchase. Warranty begins at the day of purchase. No incidental,consequential or punitive damages. Warranty is not transferable.

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