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89-02 Dodge 5.9 Cummins Rear Block Freeze Plug Plate


This freeze plug plate is available in 2 varieties:

Stock plug retainer
When installed properly, this plate will prevent the rear freeze plug (still installed in engine) from being blown out. This plug does not come with an o-ring and one is not needed.

Blown out plug- Use this if your freeze plug has already blown out and is gone. This plug includes the o-ring.

**Install Note, PLEASE READ!**

This kit includes a high temperature Viton o-ring , care must be taken not to cut or damage the o-ring. The freeze plug bore must be cleaned with a wire brush or emery cloth to remove all rust and scale.
The freeze plug bore must have a small chamfer to allow for the o-rig to compress for a tight seal. Use motor oil to lube the o-ring and freeze plug bore, and then carefully install the freeze plug by hand being careful not to cut the o-ring. Does not use a hammer, the lug should ship in with hand pressure only.

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