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Fasteners & Studs

Headstuds Mainstuds and Rod Bolts

Heavy Duty Fasteners & Studs for the 5.9L Cummins Diesel. Pure Diesel Power offers rod bolts, standard and extra long main studs, headstuds by A1 and ARP along with accessories such as bottoming taps and ARP Ultra Torque Assembly Lube.

Please keep in mind when ordering parts:
All engine blocks 1997.5 & newer have "Encore" blocks. (these have 2 turbo oil return holes on the passenger side of the block)
They have 12mm main studs and must be drilled & tapped to 14mm x 2.00 to allow use of 14mm head studs.
89-97.0 Engine blocks have 14mm main bolts, so no modification is needed to use 14mm main studs.
All Cummins 5.9L engines 89-07 have 12mm head studs from the factory and require drilling & tapping to accept 14mm head studs.