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Cummins 5.9L Non-Common Rail High Capacity Remote Filter Kit

Our high capacity spin on filter mount and filters combination allows us to get maximum filtration while maintaining higher pressures, higher volume, and larger oil capacity.

This means cleaner oil without reducing critical supply to internal engine parts.

For the 5.9 Non-Common Rail Blocks.  The Remote filter plate can be used with the stock oil cooler, or can be purchased with an oil cooler bypass. Also can be used with external oil pump when using oil cooler bypass or stock oil pump block off.

All ports are SAE – Oring Boss. Eliminates the use of NPT fittings that can leak, and cause damage if used improperly with PTFE tape. SAE-Oring Boss ports give us many options for adapting different hose fittings to meet your needs.

Remote regulator is fitted with a -10 bypass fitting. Line fittings -12.  Regulators are supplied with a standard pressure relief spring installed (up to 90 psi) and a high pressure relief spring is included (90+ psi)

Remote regulator and filter mount can be mounted just about anywhere.

High Capacity Donaldson Filtration Filters, and System One Reusable filters can be used.

Remote Filter Kit Includes:

  • (2) -16 ports for incoming and outgoing oil to and from the oil filter
  • (3) -10 Auxiliary Ports for turbos, rockers ect.
  • (2) -4 Auxiliary Ports for rockers or gauges ect in block adapter
  • (2) -4 Auxiliary Ports in the remote filter mount for pressure differential. Once port is unfiltered, and the other port is filtered. When used with gages, you can view the differential. When differential grows you know the filter is dirty.
  • (1) Remote Inline Regulator
  • (1) Remote Oil Filter Mount
  • (2)  Oil Return Fittings
  • (4) -16 Port Adapters
  • (1) -10 Port Adapter
  • (2) -16 Port Plugs
  • (2) -10 Port Plugs
  • (4) -4  Port Plugs
  • (1) Donaldson 40 micron x 35-40 gpm Filter

Optional Filters available.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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