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Cummins 5.9L 12 Valve Adjustable P7100 Pump Gear


Adjustable P7100 pump gear.

Cummins 5.9 Adjustable Timing P7100 Injection Pump Gear. Adjustable gear allows for 40 degrees of timing adjustment in 2.0 degree increments. Comes with the key required to key the hub to the pump shaft. 

To advance the timing, simply loosen the 6 larger bolts, completely remove the small bolt, roll then engine over until you see the next hole in the next counterclockwise position, then insert the small bolt and tighten, and tighten the 6 large bolts. Torque the larger bolts to 40ft-lbs. 

Gears are machined in house and a batch of cores are on hand. However there may be a time when all the available gears are sold and the new cores haven't been machined yet. So please allow extra time for gear to be shipped.

Your front cover needs to have an access hole over the pump gear to allow timing adjustments.
You can use this gear with a stock cover, but you will not be able to adjust it without removing the cover.

Exchange only. Please order, then call for return core address.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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