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89-98 5.9L Cummins Hamilton 12 Valve War Head



The Manufacturer is no longer able to produce the complete 07-H-003 head. 07-H-003W is the official Hamilton Replacement Part
The War Head is a competition cylinder head. The casting features a thicker deck, thicker port walls, taller casting, and optimized port shapes. In past cylinder heads, flow to cylinders #1 and #6 was less than cylinders #2-#5 due to casting deficiencies. On this head cylinders, #2-#6 are identical. Due to ambiguous rules in some sanctioning bodies, #1 intake port was made slightly more narrow, but if you are having a port job done, enough material is present so that it can be machined to match the other 5 cylinders.

Works with intake valves from 1.750″ to 2.250″ in large bore applications. Combine with our new solid 6.7l block for bores up to 4.400″ to fit large intake valves. For all out competition, we suggest 50-degree intakes and exhausts. The spring pockets are .250″ higher than an OEM head so we suggest a .250-.300″ longer valves to make sure you have enough installed height.

Due to the higher lift flow potential, we suggest Hamilton's new 62mm cam make sure you are getting all of the lift possible to get the full benefit of the warhead.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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