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94-99 Dodge 3500 Dually Carbon Kevlar Brake Shoes

5-7 Business Day Build Time

Carbon Kevlar Brake Shoes 94-99 Dodge 3500 Dually

Last 2-8 times longer than standard shoes, generally 100,000 miles of use is not out of the question.

Special Carbon Kevlar integrally molded Disc Pads and Brake Shoes.

The latest technology now allows us to provide "State of the Art" Pads and Shoes!
Heat cured to remove air pockets from the compressed friction material to eliminate brake noise and provide unsurpassed heat transfer.

Utilizing Carbon Kevlar technology, the fiber strands in conjunction with metal particles combine to absorb vibration, a leading cause of brake noise. Allowing faster heat dissipation, a major cause of warped and stress cracked rotors.
Quicker heat dissipation means less fade and less pedal pressure, which in turns results in less pad and rotor wear.

The dynamic coefficient actually grips better as the temperature goes up. Our Carbon Kevlar pads and shoes provide unequaled stopping distances for heavy loads and high heat applications. And are the ultimate for heavy towing and load requirements. Available for most all vehicles and trailers as well.

**Please Specify Year of Your Truck in Comments at Checkout**  

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