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98.5-18 5.9L/6.7L Cummins Flexible Locking Dipstick

98.5-18 5.9L/6.7L Cummins Flexible Locking Dipstick




Back in stock! Limited Availability! 

Cummins flexible locking engine oil dipsticks are designed to be able to mount the dipstick in any location including the factory location. This allows for endless combinations of side draft intakes, intake horns, ccv filters, ect. In your choice of either black or stainless braided tubing you can make your engine bay look clean and also get rid of the ugly factory dipstick that is never in the right spot. YOU MUST TRIM THE INNER WIRE TO PROPER LENGTH BEFORE INSTALLATION!!!! FAILURE TO DO SO CAN RESULT IN IMPROPER OIL LEVEL AND CAUSE DAMAGE TO ENGINE!

*Locking mechanism prevents expulsion of dipstick handle under pressure.

*Teflon®-lined stainless braided outer housing.

*E-Z to Read flexible inner dipstick measuring cable.

*NHRA accepted for use in all categories of competition!


Part number: FD-5967


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