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98.5-07 5.9L Cummins Hamilton 2.6 Puller/Drag Racing 200/220 108 LSA Camshaft

98.5-07 5.9L Cummins Hamilton 2.6 Puller/Drag Racing 200/220 108 LSA Camshaft

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200/220 108LSA

Most cam companies use modified factory camshafts or skimpy OEM copies and then regrind them. Most of these end up being marine 12v cams with the long bolt or Common rail cams that have to heavily modified to make a performance grind fit on the cam. This usually ends up with the cam being too narrow, too soft or both! We have the BEST cast billet on the market, guaranteed! Don’t sacrifice putting a $59 12v cam in your expensive engine or worst yet a re-grind.

Best for hard core drag racing/2.6 puller use.

We now offer tappets at a reduced price when purchased with a cam shaft, select option above.

Hard core drag race/ 2.6” pullers
INT: .340" Lift
EXH: 220 @.050" .360" Lift


Our Cams Feature:

  • 1.020” wide lobes (widest in the aftermarket)
  • Thicker core
  • Radiused core
  • Every cam is drilled and tapped for a bolt on retainer
  • The ONLY improved design cast cam on the market

Here are some of the benefits you will see with our cams. Results will vary depending on the grind you choose.

  • More duration
  • Lower EGT's 100-250 degrees
  • Faster spoolup 100-200rpm
  • Bolt on gear option
  • Better Fuel Economy 1-3mpg
  • Major reduction in smoke

Shop around and ask others how wide their lobes are. If they say their cam is made just for them, ask them if their name is cast into the cam. I bet you it isn’t!


This cam came about after I couldn’t find a cam that did exactly what I wanted. Other cams worked well for towing but lacked major performance gains at higher RPM. Some cams showed marginal performance gains. Other cams spooled good but compromised efficiency to get the chargers lit. All the others were either old gasoline profiles that didn’t work well on the street or skimpy regrinds that were just a stab in the dark. Generally shrouded in secrecy, it can sometimes be quite a task to make an informed decision on diesel engine parts, especially a camshaft.

We are here to get you the absolute best cam for your specific truck, the first time.

Keep in mind that some Cummins cam gears have slightly different offsets built in. We suggest you inspect your tappet for wear. If they are worn either get them reground, or get new ones. If you are installing this cam in a 12v please replace factory tappets with tappets from a 1998-2002 24v for best longevity with low zinc oils. On engines seeing over 50psi or over 500hp we also suggest Hamilton heavy duty pushrods. Follow Cummins installation instructions, use adequate assembly lube, and add some of our zinc additive prior to startup, to ensure no break in damage due to the new low zinc oils on the market. Always keep the engine from starting until you visually verify that oil has made it all the way to the rocker arms.

To modify installed centerline, use Mopar performance offset keys part# p4349650. This offset key kit comes with 1°, 2°,3°,4° and 5° offset keys. Just remember 1° camshaft is 2° crankshaft since the crankshaft moves twice the speed of the cam. A basic degree wheel from Jegs or Summit, a small amount of wire and a dial indicator is all that is needed to degree a cam in.

Use the 181/210 cut on a 105.5LSA for best efficiency and the 181/210 on a 107 LSA for better spool for racing with larger turbo chargers.

Factory specifications for comparison:24V Stock:
INT: 159° .235” Lift
EX: 206° .297” Lift
107.5 LDA

24V 3rd gen:
INT: 163° .237” Lift
EX: 191° .299” Lift
98.5 LDA

110LB Springs are REQUIRED for 98.5-07 Trucks running this cam or any cam with more than 300 lift or if you are running an aftermarket turbo with 40PSI boost or more.
We REQUIRE purchasing a bottle of Zinc Additive with every Hamilton cam purchase.
Hamilton Cams are all Pre-Drilled for a cam gear bolt-on retainer. Select option above to add a retainer.

Please review the cam shaft installation guide- CLICK HERE.

Cam retainers are NOT to be used with 2003+ 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins engines.

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